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Galavantier.com is AWESOME. They planned a wonderful weekend of things to do in Vegas and really nailed it. Thank you SO much!

I want to thank you for creating a truly special experience for some of the top entrepreneurs in tech, from Dropbox to AirBnB to Square. The way you guys pulled everything off with less than work days notice, from our hotel suite and transportation needs to entertainment, was simply amazing!

Never EVER go to Vegas with out booking your travels through Galavantier! They are the best!!

Just want to say thank you to Galavantier.com so much for coming through with great tickets to Celine Dion. They were very dedicated to getting me the best seats for the best deal! I seriously had to do nothing but give a signature and even that was done so easily! It was great to have to not worry about a thing. I recommend EVERYONE use this service, leave it in their hands and you won't be disappointed! I will definatly be using them again for me and my friends. Thank you Galavantier!!

Been to Vegas 23 times in the last 9 years, and now I will only go as a Galavantier!  I trust them to provide guidance to the best venues with the best service.   They make my experience simple and easy from the moment I reach out to them, until the moment I get on the plane home.  Working with Marko and the Galavantier crew is the ONLY way to experience Vegas…just tell them when and say YES to their recommendations!!!

Galavantier takes all of the guess work out of travel. Forget all of the websites promising deals and not following through, Galvantier is the real deal. I worked with an employee who listened to what I wanted. He didn’t pressure me and he found me a price I was comfortable with. On top of that, Galvantier researches the companies they use—so if it has their stamp of approval, you know they’re good. The bottom line is this: you only have so much time to put into travel research and so much money to spend. Galavantier knows what they’re doing. Let them do the heavy lifting while you enjoy the benefits. One thing is for certain, I won’t make any Vegas plans without consulting them first!

Many thanks to you and the Galavantier team. There is often very little time to book locations especially in casinos. With the help of your team, we were able to quickly clear Minus 5 at the Monte Carlo Hotel and Casino.  It was the perfect location for our scene that we shot and our cast had a fantastic and wonderful experience. They cannot stop talking about Minus 5 and have showed everyone their photos. The Minus 5 team made our cast and crew feel welcomed and made sure everything went smoothly.

I cannot thank you enough for all of your hard work and help. I will definitely reach out to Galavantier Group for future shows in Vegas. 

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