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Overview & Details

Roar your way to the Manmade Wonders of the World and visit the Hoover Dam. Explore the history and science behind this engineering marvel of the world with Pink Jeep Tours’ Hoover Dam Classic tour.

Pink Jeep Tours lets you travel in style during your Hoover Dam tour. Your luxurious Tour Trekker, custom-designed for your comfort, waits for you outside of your Las Vegas Strip hotel. Your tour guide will narrate your journey as you travel from the glitter of Vegas to the roaring water of the Hoover Dam.

On the way, observe the vintage charm of Boulder City that was built for the construction of Hoover Dam, and gaze upon the vast waters of Lake Mead sparkling beneath the sun.

Your Hoover Dam tour really begins when you step inside of the auditorium. Professional audio and film presentations uncover the Hoover Dam's history and science as well as the plan that led to the building of the Dam. Jump into interactive exhibits inside the Visitor Center that explain the Hoover Dam’s engineering mysteries; then browse through the gift shop for a Hoover Dam souvenir.

Now it’s off to your tour of the Hoover Dam Power Plant. Learn about what went into its construction and what operational maintenance keeps the Hoover Dam running today.

As the next phase of your Hoover Dam tour begins, you will learn fun facts and legends about the details of building the Hoover Dam. Questions are always welcome, so ask away! Then step outside onto the Hoover Dam observation tower. Have you ever seen such a sight? Gaze in awe at this massive dam and think about what you’ve learned about how they constructed it. This is how mankind has tamed the rough waters of the Colorado River—and it is breathtaking.

Step out onto the Hoover Dam with your cameras for astounding views of the turquoise waters of the Colorado River below. The views of towering mountains and iridescent water are perfect for picturesque panoramic shots and make a great backdrop for your group photo. Want a picture? Your Pink Jeep Tour guide will gladly capture this timeless moment.  We also drive across the Hoover Dam to the Arizona side where you’ll get great views of the Hoover Dam spillway and diversion tunnel.

What We Love

  • You can enjoy amazing views of the Colorado River from the observation deck
  • This tour takes you inside the inner workings of the Hoover Dam 
  • You can see of the magnitude of this dam
  • The live presentation on the dam's creation makes for a unique history lesson
  • Tour the massive generator room

Quick Details

Hoover Dam,
4 hours
Unlimited bottled water
Small group experience

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RESERVATIONS 702-448-6900

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Our Review

The 4 hour tour is all about exploration. From a film on the dam’s construction, to peeking into the power plant, there’s no spot at Hoover Dam National Park you won’t want to see. So what's the most impressive sight to behold? The enormous generators that keep the rivers moving. You won’t want to pass up some time on the observation deck, either.  The maginitude of Hoover Dam will amaze kids and others who have never seen it before. But even if you have seen it before, this tour continues to amaze each and every time you join.

The tour comes to an end with breathtaking views of the rushing Colorado River and Lake Mead, both bodies of water that help power Hoover Dam. This tour is one of those Vegas experiences that you don’t want to miss. So bring your camera and the family for a tour of Hoover Dam that is truly memorable. 


--Review by Candace Abbott

RESERVATIONS 702-448-6900

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Important Policy Information

  • Fuel surcharges may apply. Prices include all applicable taxes and permit fees.
  • No children under the age of 3 will be permitted on the tour
  • Cancellation policy: No refund given for less than 72 hours notice.  Vehicle selection determined by tour provider. Tour provider reserves the right to cancel, modify or alter any tour due to weather or unsafe conditions.   

RESERVATIONS 702-448-6900

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