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Overview & Details

It’s time to take a tour of Area 51, which is one of the most secretive spots in the United States. Start off by experiencing something that doesn’t actually exist, the Janet Airlines, a unique entity in the middle of Las Vegas that not only houses a fleet of six jetliners, but transports workers to Area 51 daily. Enjoy the perimeter of the surrounding desert to one of the most mysterious areas around. No trip to the top secret spot is complete without an in-depth exploration of “Extraterrestrial Highway” with its signs that will lead you to Little A’le’Inn, where you’re sure to learn about other life forms and all of the secrecy that surrounds Area 51. 

What We Love

  • This tour gets you close to Area 51 without being deemed a security risk
  • Your highly knowledgeable guide shares the history of Area 51
  • Incredible photo opportunities that will have your friends and family wanting to know more
  • Grab a bite at the famous Little A'Le'Inn
  • Witness petroglyphs that resemble aliens

Quick Details

Box 45
Rachel, Nevada 89001
Full-day tour
Approximately 10 hours
$199 per person
includes taxes, fees and fuel charges
Lunch, unlimited bottled water, and snacks
Small group experience with a luxurious SUV

Weather Waiver

Passengers' safety is our top priority. Unfortunately, the weather conditions at the Grand Canyon, Death Valley, Bryce, Zion and other desert areas can be unpredictable at times. Should the weather interfere with this tour, we reserve the right to alter the tour in the interest of safety. If weather prohibits the tour and we are unable to get to our destination, customer may either reschedule tour or choose to cancel reservation and obtain full refund. Weather conditions may cause missed views and/or sequence of itineraries may be modified for operational and safety reasons and no refund is available if customer chooses to do a tour during questionable weather.

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RESERVATIONS 702-448-6900

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Our Review

Do you believe in aliens? A tour of Area 51 might make you a believer in extraterrestrial beings. This Area 51 Tour is a little different than the others. The tour begins at 7:00 am and you get to drive around in your very own luxury SUV and head out to of the most secretive locations in the United States. You’ll start to feel that Janet Airlines doesn’t really exist, when it really does. Janet Airlines is how workers get to and from Area 51 daily. You won’t be hopping aboard the plane, because your mind will take a trip wondering what’s going on around here. Everything is a mystery.

Your journey will continue at the ultra mysterious Dry Lake. Then you’ll explore the perimeter of Area 51, because if you don't work there then you can't get in and you’re never going to know what's going on out there. The signs clearly state that they’ll use force and they aren’t joking. This facts only adds to the strangeness of it all. Along with the tour, you can see a captivating desert landscape with natural elements, shrubberies, trees, and critters. You’ll drive on the “Extraterrestrial Highway” where you can see the Men In Black Park and the legendary Black Mailbox, where UFO enthusiasts meet up and share stories. Follow the signs that lead to the Little A’Le’Inn which ito score some alien inspired gifts and souvenirs, but  also for some information on alleged alien sightings and stories. The Area 51 Tour will an experience that will make more than a believer out of you. 

--Review by Candace Abbott

RESERVATIONS 702-448-6900

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Important Policy Information

  • Confirmed online reservations canceled by the customer more than 48 hours prior to the trip date will be charged a $25.00 per person cancellation fee.
  • Confirmed reservations canceled between 48 and 24 hours prior to the date of the trip will be charged 50% of the fare.
  • Confirmed reservations canceled less than 24 hours prior to the trip date will be charged in full.
  • It is your responsibility to make sure you are at the correct pickup location prior to your scheduled pick up time. No shows will be charged in full. The driver cannot wait more than 10 minutes for you.
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  • Tours may be altered because of unsafe conditions, weather or at the request of the BLM, Nevada Division of State Parks, the National Park Service, or the Bureau of Reclamation.
  • This tour operates daily for combined parties of 4 or more. 

RESERVATIONS 702-448-6900

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