Zombie Burlesque

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Overview & Details

There’s something about Las Vegas that’s just dead sexy. Perhaps it’s the latest David Saxe show to hit the strip, Zombie Burlesque? Yup! Sit back for an evening of amazement at the V Theatre that’s chock full of vintage charms, modern horror and the captivating voice of Sophia Monica. Look on to scantily clad zombies who not only rock corsets, curls and garters but get their thrills from dining on prisoners, dancing and singing dancing en pointe to The Cranberries, “Zombie,” naturally. Really, the show is to die for.

What We Love

  • Classic burlesque numbers with a zombie twist
  • VIP Quaratine Seating is a must
  • Production and choregraphy by Tiger Martina
  • The incredible voice of Sophia Monica

Quick Details

Miracle Mile Shops inside Planet Hollywood
V Theater
75 minutes
Monday - Thursday 8:30 pm
Friday - Saturday 8:30 pm & 10:00 pm

RESERVATIONS 702-448-6900

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RESERVATIONS 702-448-6900

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Our Review

It’s nothing new to see sexy ladies making moves in Sin City. But what is unheard of is a group of sexy zombies wowing you for over an hour with song, dance and an utterly captivating performance. Say hello to Zombie Burlesque.

It’s the latest show to hit the strip and one that has some staying power. After all, this is a David Saxe production and choreographed by Tiger Martina.

This show takes you back in time—the 1950’s to be exact—and the president is trying to strike a deal with the zombies. Sophia Monica, the memorable voice of “Peepshow” brings her sexy to the stage with songs that’ll move you, while the rest of the cast shimmies, shakes and shows off just how talented the undead really are. It’s Betty Grable meets “Thriller” complete with pretty faced zombies outfitted in garters, sky-high pumps, thigh-highs, corsets, cheeky bottoms and covet-worthy coifs. It all takes place at the V-Theatre and when you go VIP Quarantine, you’re up close for the every bit of the action—including the prisoner noshing, which the zombies are rather good at, the break dancing zombie and the zombie en pointe who twirls to the sounds of the Cranberries “Zombie.” If you aren’t yet of the fan of the undead, by the end of the show you will be. And to be honest, some of those zombies are giving the club-going gals a run for their money. Just sayin’…

--Review by Candace Abbott

RESERVATIONS 702-448-6900

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RESERVATIONS 702-448-6900

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