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Many shows in Las Vegas are considered sexy, but how many shows actually teach guests how to be sexy? That is what makes Stripper 101 at the V-theater inside the Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino so unique. With Stripper 101, you can go beyond just being a spectator and actually experience sexy, while leaving all clothing in-tact. Stripper 101 is hard to classify but it can best be described as a hybrid of an interactive-show mixed with a cardio workout and a how-to pole dancing and striptease class. One of the hottest tickets on the Strip right now, Stripper 101, is perfect for bachelorette parties, girls' night outs, or anyone whose ever desired to tap into their wild-side.  Led by instructor and exotic dancer Kindra Knoll, guests who attend Stripper 101 will leave the class with a certified “Stripper License.” Because really what says Vegas more than stripper classes?

What We Love

  • Completely interactive where students are taught the art of pole dancing
  • Consists of a cardio-workout, a pole dancing, and a strip tease
  • Perfect for bachelorette parties or a girls' night out
  • Learn exotic moves in an uninhibited environment
  • Students receive a "Stripper License" upon completion of the class


Quick Details

Planet Hollywood
3663 Las Vegas Blvd
Las Vegas, NV 89109
V Theater
75 minutes
Admission - $39.99
VIP Admission - $69.00
Dance Instruction Class
Open Daily

RESERVATIONS 702-448-6900

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RESERVATIONS 702-448-6900

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Our Review

It’s time you got your sexy on while in town with some Las Vegas pole dancing classes. Best way to do it? Sport some shorty shorts, high heels, grab your girls, and head over to Stripper 101 at the V Theatre at Planet Hollywood.

You won’t have an audience, but you will have a handful of ladies in your class who are ready to test their luck on the pole. Stripper 101 has everything you need from boas, chairs, music, moves to cocktails. What exactly goes on in the class once the music starts? You’ll spend 75 minutes learning  sultry moves from seasoned instructors. Pole dancing? Check. Lap dancing? Check. Striptease moves? Check. Feel free to sneak in a booty pop if you feel compelled to do so. This is the ultimate opportunity to shake your booty in an uninhibited environment. Plus it’ll give you the chance to learn some skills that’ll wow your partner when it matters. Walk away with a dozen awesome snaps for your Instagram and a Las Vegas Stripper 101 license. A few other things you might want to walk off with from the boutique? Cheeky stripper shorts, a sexy stripper hoodie and a V Card  which is a VIP access to some of Vegas’ hottest nightlife spots. Now back it up and dump it, you’ve got this. 

--Review by Candace Abbott

RESERVATIONS 702-448-6900

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Important Policy Information

 Stripper 101 is for adult women of all ages, but you must be at least 18 years old.

RESERVATIONS 702-448-6900

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