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Single Flight at Vegas Indoor Skydiving

Single Flight at Vegas Indoor Skydiving

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Overview & Details

Get ready to feel the rush of skydiving in Las Vegas without ever getting in a plane as you suit up and enter a vertical wind tunnel. Once the fan revs up, you'll be up, up, and away as you turn and float as if you were freefalling from 12,000 feet in the air. Professional or novice, Vegas Indoor Skydiving presents an adrenaline high like no other in a safe and secure environment. 

What We Love

  • Get the feeling of freefall without ever boarding  a plane 
  • Located minutes from the Las Vegas Strip 
  • Simulates weightlessness 
  • You can skydive even if you're afraid of heights 
  • No prior skydiving experience necessary
  • Perfect for beginners 
  • Safe and fun alternative to skydiving

Quick Details

200 Convention Center Dr.
Las Vegas, Nevada 89109
$85 per person
See Restrictions section
Open Daily from 9:45 am to 8:00 pm
Groups from 1 up to 5


Weight and Height Guidelines


Men Over 6'0": 230 lbs. max. (over 182 105kg max)

Between 5'6" & 6'0": 220 lbs. max. (171cm & 182cm 100kg max)

Men Under 5'6": 180 lbs. max. (under 170cm 82kg max)


Women Over 6'0": 200 lbs. max. (over 182cm 91kg max)

Women Between 5'6" & 6'0": 180 lbs. max. (171cm & 182cm 82kg max)

Women Under 5'6": 160 lbs. max. (under 170cm 73kg max) 
No Age Limit
The Minimum Weight is 40 lbs.
Our suggested height and weight restrictions are important. Guests who exceed the maximum weight are not guaranteed to generate enough lift to actually fly. Being outside the weight guidelines is not a safety issue as much as quality of flight. We don't want to take your money and then not be able to provide a high quality experience. Depending on how someone is built, or if they are really tall, we can sometimes be flexible with the maximums. We are often asked why the restrictions are different for men and women, the answer is simply that men and women are built and carry their weight differently.
You cannot fly if: 
You are under the influence of drugs and alcohol
Had previously dislocated shoulders
Or previous neck or spinal injuries


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Available Tickets

Single Flight at Vegas Indoor Skydiving

Experience Includes: One Indoor Skydive Flight for One. Vegas Indoor Skydiving opens daily at 9:45am.


RESERVATIONS 702-448-6900

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Our Review

Have you always dreamed of going skydiving but couldn’t muster up the courage to jump out of a plane 12,000 ft in the air?  Lucky for you, Vegas Indoors Skydiving offers a fun and safe alternative while still capturing the rush and excitement of real skydiving.  With an extremely knowledgeable staff to take you through a quick safety course, it’s into the wind tunnel where you get whisked up in the air and begin to float and simulate a real freefall!  Feeling confident? Flip and twist yourself as the rush of adrenaline sinks in and don’t be surprised when your cheekbones hurt from smiling and laughing as you seemingly float in mid-air “weightless” like a scene out of Wily Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.  Added bonus, Vegas Indoor Skydiving is located just off The Strip so you don’t have to travel far to take flight and get real high.

--Review by Craig Asher

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Important Policy Information

  • Guests may call 1-877-GALAVANTIER to reserve flights. Training class registration is first come first served.  Reservations must be made at least 48 hours in advance.  The cancellation policy is 24 hours.  Late arrivals will not be refunded or rescheduled.  Absolutely no alcohol consumption is allowed before participation.

RESERVATIONS 702-448-6900

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