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Overview & Details

Las Vegas always seems to inspire visitors to do new and exciting things they never considered before. When's the last time you thought about operating heavy machinery, digging up piles of dirt and stacking 2,000 lb. tires? Located adjacent to the Las Vegas Strip, Dig This provides a truly ground breaking experience like no other (pun definitely intended.) Following a quick breathalyzer test and safety orientation, you're ready to hit the sand box! Don't worry, you're not expected to remember every bit of information about operating the machinery during the safety orientation. Once you've been assigned to your machine, an instructor will walk you through a short in-cab training session to help you understand each lever and button. After the in-cab training session, you're still not alone! You'll be equipped with a headset the whole time so your instructor can tell you which lever or button to push or pull if you get stuck. After a few minutes of operating the machinery, you'll get the hang of it and it's nothing but fun from there! Your instructor will have you giggling like you're a kid again as you spin around in your cab, play Excavator Basketball and Bulldozer Teetor-Totter. And with stunning views of the Las Vegas Strip, you'll actually find this experience to be pretty therapeutic. 

What We Love

  • Step-by-step guidence from the Instructors
  • Air conditioned Equipment
  • Exciting exercises like Bulldozer Teeter-Totter and Excavator Basketball
  • Certificate of Completion
  • The instructors keep you laughing and smiling through your entire digging experience

Quick Details

3012 S. Rancho Drive
Las Vegas, NV 89102
Starting at $249.00 per person
Daily 10:00 am to 3:30 pm
Call for more details on groups 5 or more

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RESERVATIONS 702-448-6900

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Our Review

At first, being tasked with the feat to operate a three ton machine was a bit nerve-inducing. Luckily, these guys are with you every step of the way and they equip you with the confidence you need to fully participate in all of the fun activities. Now I've gotta be super honest with you, I definitely didn't expect to have as much fun as I ended up having. Playing around in a gigantic dirt pit and learning how to use heavy machinery does seem like a lot of fun, don't get me wrong. But the feeling I got when I was getting the hang of it and being able to dig up some dirt really did make me feel like a kid again! And I know it sounds completely cheesy, but it's so true! I couldn't stop myself from laughing or smiling as I was digging up my pile of dirt and building up my tire castle. They call it a tire "pyramid," but I felt like such a queen while I was running my Excavator so flawlessly that it was obviously dubbed a castle. Now that I know how to dig up so much dirt and have fun doing it, I'm ready to build someone a pool. 

The instructors here are all about making sure you have a good time. If you forget which button or lever does what, the instructor helps you over the headset so you can keep up with the activities. There were definitely times when I forgot how to do something or which way was left, and our instructor, Junior, was patient with us and kept us laughing the whole time. 

This is basically an experience I'm never going to forget. Spinning around in the cab of the Excavator brought me back to spinning around in the teacups at Disneyland, but it's even more fun because it's less nauseating than the teacups. I'm also such a huge fan of city skylines, and for as long as I live here, I'll never get tired of gorgeous city views. The dig site is perfectly adjacent to the Las Vegas strip, which means the view is pretty incredible. 

I walked out of here with a Certificate of Accomplisment, a huge smile on my face and the determination to come back here again. And you know what? I do feel accomplished! This is pretty much on par with getting my college degree. In fact, I'm hanging this certificate up right next to my college degree. I also still really want to dig up a pool for someone.... 

--Review by Ashley Cayme


RESERVATIONS 702-448-6900

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Important Policy Information

  • Participants must be at least 14 years old and 48" tall
  • Pregnant woman and individuals who have experienced the follow conditions should not ride: neck injuries, back injuries, motion sickness, seizures, heart conditions, nervous disorders or any other severe medical conditions
  • Operatiors much have upper body control and be able to hold themselves in the up-right position to operate the equipment
  • Closed toe shoes are required 
  • A breathalyzer test will be given before participants begin experience
  • All children must be under adult supervision at all times


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